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Bonspeed Pony Wheel


bonspeed Wheels are machined to exacting tolerances and a show winning finish. bonspeed Wheels begins with only the finest 6061 T-6 billet forgings. This ensures that your wheels have the finest fit, finish and style. With over 45 styles and the ability to custom fit virtually any vehicle, bonspeed is the choice of builders and customizers worldwide.


You have seen them on the streets! You have seen them on the covers of magazines; and you have seen them on the hottest street rods, muscle cars, kustoms and trucks from coast to coast! Now you too can get that one off custom look on your wheels.

bonspeed was the first to offer the Color Forged© wheel program for billet wheels and since its introduction, the aluminum wheel has never been brighter. bonspeed Wheels are offered with this exclusive program that personalizes, protects and colorizes your custom wheels.

This special-order program provides virtually unlimited choices in which to personalize your wheel selection. Utilizing special UV rated powder coating, only your imagination can limit the possibilities.

• Is the color durable?
Yes. Unlike painting your wheels, this process is extremely durable and with proper care should last the lifespan of your wheels without chipping, flaking or fading!

• Do you only offer standard colors or can I get mine custom?
We do offer most standard colors like black, grey, red, and blue, but we also offer you the option to go custom. Send us a color chip of your custom color scheme and we will do our best to match it! (Additional costs may apply.)

• Do I have to color the whole wheel or can I only get certain parts done?
The options are limitless. Think your idea is too wild? Give us a call and we will let you know. We haven't been stumped yet!

• Does it cost extra to have my wheels Color Forged?
Yes. There is a standard flat cost per wheel added for Color Forging. Make sure to ask for that price when you speak to our sales reps.

• Does having my wheels Color Forged add to the build time?
Yes. You should anticipate adding one to two weeks when having your wheels Color Forged. (It's worth the wait!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How come there are no prices on your website? Are your wheels priced by style or by size?
Every bonspeed wheel is custom built-to-order so with so many variations of size, finish and backspaces it would be impossible to publish prices online. Our expert sales assistants are available to offer technical  assistance and
prices by phone or e-mail.

bonspeed wheels vary in price by diameter, width, special finish, and by style. Some styles require additional machining and/or polishing time.  The "3D" styles actually take almost twice the machine and polishing time as most styles.

To assist you in choosing your wheels, please notice the color keyed boxes this will aid in understanding the various price categories. These color keys from the premium prices "3D" style to the lowest cost help you in deciding.

Are the wheels you sell chrome?
No. High intensity forged alloys like bonspeed’s are made of the very finest 6061 T6 aluminum. A high intensity forged wheel is better than a cast or a basic billet machined wheel. The forging process compacts the metal and makes for a chrome-like shine. If you are concerned with maintenance then ask about our clear powder coating process.

Does bonspeed have wheels in stock?
No. High intensity forged alloys like bonspeed’s are custom built to order and most orders take from 4-6 weeks (Peak times of the year and special orders can take longer). They are custom tailored to your car and your exact needs, making this the best choice for a custom ride.

What size wheels does bonspeed manufacture?
Most bonspeed wheels are available in 17” to 26” sizes. However, certain styles may only be available in limited sizes due to manufacturing contraints. Click on each style to see the available sizes.

Can I order staggered or custom offsets?
Yes! Since bonspeed wheels are made-to-order, we can offer you a wide variety of offsets for your custom application.

Can I order my wheels powder coated?
bonspeed set the trends with its exclusive Color Forged© powder coating program. Let us know the color an we can help you out, but, remember paints and powder coatings have different shades.

I really like the high polish look, but do I always have to polish them?
No! We now offer a clear powder coating for the centers of your wheels that locks in that brilliant show polish shine so you never have to polish your wheels! Make sure to ask your sales rep about adding this to your order.



  • 17x7 - $540.00 per wheel
  • 17x8- $540.00 per wheel
  • 17x10- $560.00 per wheel
  • *17x12- $1010.00 per wheel
  • 18x7- $595.00 per wheel
  • 18x8- $602.00 per wheel
  • 18x9- $602.00 per wheel
  • 18x10- $612.00 per wheel
  • *18x12- $1062.00 per wheel
  • 19x8- $658.00 per wheel
  • 19x10- $665.00 per wheel
  • 20x8.5- $685.00 per wheel
  • 20x10- $690.00 per wheel
  • 20x12- $1140.00 per wheel
  • *20x14- $1220.00 per wheel
  • *20x15- $1220.00 per wheel
  • 22x8.5- $962.00 per wheel
  • 22x10- $980.00 per wheel
  • *22x12- $1465.00 per wheel
  • *24x8.5- $1706.00 per wheel
  • 24x10- $1156.00 per wheel
  • *24x14- $1706.00 per wheel

* Indicates a fabricated rim is used and the per wheel charge for this wheel is included

Notice: Super Star, V8, and Vinspeed Design.

These designs require thicker forging, additional machining time and/or special caps; the following costs per wheel will be applied to: 17"-22" add $200.00 each and 22"-24" add $225.00 each.

Standard Wheel Specifications: Polished finish, 3.075 Hub Bore, 1" Mounting Pad.

Wheel Options:

  • Rehooping fee: 17"-18" (non fabricated hoop) $350.00ea
  • Rehooping fee: 19"-20" (non fabricated hoop) $450.00ea
  • Rehooping fee: 22" (non fabricated hoop) $550.00ea
  • Rehooping fee: 24" (non fabricated hoop) $650.00ea
  • Backside Show Polish: $65.00ea
  • Brushed Finish: $85.00ea
  • Black or Gray standard-color powder coat centers only: $85.00ea
  • Custom color powder coat centers or entire wheel: $100.00
  • Clear powder coat centers only: $100.00
  • Fabricated/ Widen or narrow: 17"-20" $450.00 ea - 22" $500.00ea - 24" $550.00ea
  • Custom Wheel: by quotation only! 

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